For young people that want to do more and be a step above.

Positive Peer Pressure Clothing was created by us, three college kids. After realizing that peer pressure has an extremely negative connotation, we thought to ourselves,

"Let's flip this on its head." 


Peer pressure can be used in many ways, but in today's times, it is mostly negative. We thought,

"Let's change this negative pressure into a positive one."


Let's push our peers towards their goals. Let's support them in their passions: push them to take the risk of putting their music on Spotify, or encourage them to make that Instagram account they always talk about. Support them in working out consistently and joining the school sports team. Push them to follow their dream of starting a business, or even just their own YouTube channel.

Let's encourage our peers to take on the challenges of life.


If we use the influence we have on others for good, the changes we'll see will be unimaginable.



Jack, Jarrett, and Maurice










OR: Do you have a story about how positive peer pressure effected you? We would love to hear it! Just use the box to the right and tell us your story and remember to be a Positive Pressure! 

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